Is The iPhone 5 Worth it?

There has been a lot of debate over whether the iPhone 5 is worth the money and while some believe it is, there are many that feel let down by what Apple have put on offer with this smart phone.

Apple let their customers down some time back as everyone waited in anticipation for the release of the iPhone 5 and were given the iPhone 4S in it’s place. This iPhone 5 was due to be completely transparent and so different from all the other smart phones on the market, but in fact it has been a let down that is probably costing Apple a lot of money.

You will always get the Apple die harders that will swear by the iPhone, but if you already had the iPhone 4 or 4S then there isn’t much difference once you update your OS. The OS on the iPhone 5 is automatically downloaded as an update on the older models, which means that apart from a slightly larger screen, there really isn’t much to write home about.

Other Options

When you compare the iPhone 5 against it’s competitors especially the Samsung smart phones such as the Galaxy IIIS and the Note II, you can see where the iPhone 5 falls short. The Apple app store is more expensive than the Go Store you get on the Samsung phones and even the new Windows phone is a better option according to many users.

It’s the same as buying snooker cues, you need something specific, you need your cue to fit perfectly in your hand, be the right weight and size for your build. Your smart phone should be the same and unfortunately the iPhone 5 just doesn’t live up to the hype.

It may be that everyone was expecting so much more from Apple, maybe it’s due to the passing of Jobs that has left Apple is chaos, but when it comes to the phone they released compared to the phone they promised it’s a chalk and cheese effect.

The Good Points

Of course there are still some good points about the iPhone 5 and those that firmly follow Apple and buy all the upgrades will argue with me that I have made a mistake by belittling the phone they released only a few months ago.

Take the temple run game as an example, it’s been released and thousands of people are enjoying it because it runs smoothly, it offers a range of features and it is an enjoyable gaming experience. Now look at the iPhone, it comes with it’s advantages in that it is a smooth phone and if you have owned one before you’ll have no problem with the navigation, you can keep all your store cards and bus passes on the phone so you don’t have loads of cards to carry about with you and from a SEO point of view they would push that the screen is larger so it’s easier to use and the phone itself is lighter, which is an improvement on the previous offers.