Nokia Lumia Review

Smartphone fans who are interested in learning more about the Nokia developments and releases can have a look at this Nokia Lumia review and learn about the main pro and against arguments to buying this device.

First of all, according to specialists’ opinion, Nokia Lumia offers great value for its price. You are going to need real money to purchase the Nokia Lumia, as you will not be able to get it using the same money you could be using to buy swtor credits over the web. So make sure you save enough so you can get your own Nokia Lumia device and enjoy its solid specs and excellent Nokia apps that should enable you to play your all time favorite online games on the go. These are a few of the strongest arguments why you should consider this device, in any of its forms. Know that Nokia Lumia was released by Nokia giant in November 2011and that all of its variants are currently using the Windows Phone OS. Nokia decided to use the Windows Phone operating system instead of Symbian.

However, some of the Nokia Lumia forms you might come across might not prove to be the handiest whenever you need to use them for a great deal of time, as it has a rather mediocre battery life and some users might consider the keyboard to be too cramped. Also, the small size of the Nokia Lumia’s screen and the slow functioning speed of the browser could also interfere with one’s successful Internet activities, if you are to select the Nokia Lumia 620 model, for example.

Nevertheless, if you are to choose the Nokia Lumia 920 model, its 185 gram weight and the larger screen as compared to the Lumia 820, featuring a 4.5-inch display should prove to be satisfying for most Nokia lovers. Opt for a model that has a 768 x 1280 resolution and which comes with a display counting no less than 16 777 216 colors. In case you need to make full use of the LED flash, you can opt for the Lumia 920 that displays an 8.7 MP camera. You should also use the high quality camcorders or front cameras that models like Nokia Lumia 920 or Nokia Lumia 820 come accompanied by and make full use of the Internet Explorer 10 browser, as well as the rest of services that are built-in.

Enjoy the Carl Zeiss camera quality most of the Nokia Lumia models have and make full use of the special Synaptics Super Sensitive Touch feature. Nokia Lumia models have recorded more than 14 million units sold in 2012, which comes to prove that Nokia has made some excellent moves on the smartphone market.