A Handy Reference on iOS5 New Features for Developers

With the announced release of the latest Apple software, the iOS5, it is certain that developers are now scrambling to code the next generation of apps and utilities for many Apple devices. To do this, however, it is important to be aware of what features are already tacked into the iOS5. Any video game designer would need to have a platform through which he can base all his succeeding apps development.

In the next paragraphs, we outline the new features for the iOS5 for developers as a handy reference for what can be expected from the first out of this new operating system as well as which areas can be furthered enhanced to bring unrivaled convenience and satisfaction to the customers.

Cloud Syncing Capabilities
The iOS5 is the first Apple software designed to sync all Apple devices into your household to the Cloud. This means that all information from your Apple devices are automatically shared through the iCloud so users no longer have to individually manage their devices. Helen Pastorino or anyone who owns multiple Apple devices in one household can be confident that all the necessary data is shared seamlessly between devices so you no longer have to do it all by yourself. Now you don’t need to sync your computer with iPhone so that you can get your updated birth certificate translation. iOS5 does it all for you.

Notification Center
The Notification Center is a recent innovation embedded in the iOS5 that integrates all the new notifications about emails, events, news, text and even weather changes. This gives you a heads up on new updates even as you are using another application, so you do not miss anything. If you are waiting for an important email and decide to play a game while waiting, you will be notified accordingly when that email arrives. It’s akin to home alarm systems letting you know if something important is coming your way so you do not have to constantly check up on updates or altogether miss an important missive.

Social Networking Integration
With the popularity of social networking sites today, everyone always wants to be in-sync and informed as to what is happening with their Twitter accounts. The iOS5 integrates with Twitter so users can automatically post a tweet if they are launching another application such as using the camera or browsing their photos. In this regard, umbrella companies like Apple can offer an open platform for more social media interfaces like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIn to come in and meld with the iOS5.

This development leaves open a lot of questions regarding what else Apple would be willing to incorporate into Apple user interfaces. Likewise, developers can look at this as a chance to build on integration platforms for other social networks. Short of putting ANC INC in that list, there is indeed plenty of room for iOS5 to embrace new platforms given that it has already began doing this Twitter integration.

Instant Messaging
If you think Yahoo! Messenger was a big hit, wait until you see what’s in-store in the iOS5 with the iMessage service. iMessage is essentially a free communicator or instant messaging service and will come into all your Apple devices with iOS5 deployment. This is equivalent to all that birth certification translation you have been pining for; a real from-the-ground-up architecture development job to pave the way for free messaging services on your iPhone or iPad. And the best part is that it works on WiFi or 3G phone networks to give you extra feasibility in usage and range.
Photo Editing Enhancements

Any camera junkie is no stranger to the inconvenience of photo editing in previous Apple devices. Once you snap a picture, it automatically closes that picture and transfers it to the photo library. To edit that picture, you would have to go out of camera mode, find the picture and do your edits before it ever becomes Facebook or Twitter-worthy.

With iOS5, save goodbye to all that hassle; take one snap, look at the picture, and edit it as necessary. It’s the Brazilian keratin treatment version of camera and photo editing features and you can do it all on one screen, instantly without need for too pressing too many buttons and navigating through too many folders.
Find my iPhone

One of the best enhancements packaged in iOS5 is the “Find my Phone” feature. The Cloud servicing capabilities more than just lets you know jobs near you; it can actually scan Google maps to find your iOS device’s location. It can also be used to lock a phone remotely or to wipe data from the phone through the Cloud. If ever you come across a situation where you left your phone somewhere and will need to find it, iOS5 will make sure you have the necessary tools to get it done.

Of course, there are multiple other features on iOS5 that developers (ACN INC) can enhance and grow. There is no shortage of ideas and inspiration; perhaps a payday loans tracker or whatever stokes your interest. The iOS5 is guaranteed to transform your normal Apple device routines and make it even better. No longer an “illusion mage” for what can be made better in your phone or iPad, this is the oncoming revolution. So be sure to get ready for the iOS5 invasion, because it is guaranteed to get your juices flowing and your devices fired up for fun, fun, and more fun!