Amazing New iPhone 5 Features

Apple Inc. has made history with its iPhone series, with each new release taking the world by storm. It is a product of such demand that it has the power to single-handedly boost the economy with billions of dollars worth of reservations already.

Here are some amazing new features of the much anticipated iPhone 5 as its developers constantly keep exploring for means to make the new iPhone better than its former versions.
The iPhone 5 was aimed to address its previous shortcomings and in the process has made several changes on its framework of new applications and designs. With regards to personal appearance, it is the chassis of the phone that has made the most significant change. It features a longer and larger screen, free turn-by-turn navigation and is thinner, sleeker and most of all lighter.

The iPhone 5 is also said to be of excellent durability, passing several “torture tests”. Of course, it wouldn’t survive the piercing of a jackleg drill but it is nonetheless believed to be very sturdy despite its sleek design.
The iPhone 5 has many of its components reduced in size and the headphone socket is now positioned at the bottom of the phone. The sound stereos have also been improved and you will notice a significant boost in sound quality and fullness compared to its former contemporaries.

It also comes with a new Lightening connector which makes data transfer faster. Screen readability has also improved significantly. If you are out at night or at a community resource attending an event or program, check out the new iPhone of your friends and have a look at these features for yourself, if you’re not planning to buy one.
The iPhone 5 also has a faster processor. It comes with an improved camera infrastructure, LTE support, a smaller dock connector and a custom-built A6 chip. Due to its employment of in-cell charging senses for the interface, touch control has become more humanized. To find out more about the new features, check out different reviews online and visit domain and websites of technology bloggers.
Image color and contrast are more ambient, making the contents on the screen appear less washed out compared to the iPhone 4. Color accuracy and quality have improved substantially as the iPhone 5 has a new factory display calibration upgrade and color gamut which ensure a highly accurate and quality display experience. It also changes in color and brightness depending on the viewing angle giving it an outstanding LCD display and calibration.
If purchasing the new iPhone 5 is the smarter choice above all other phones is entirely a matter of personal taste and preferences. The top disadvantages include that the iPhone 5 has no SIM card slot. Its connectors are not the same to its former releases which means that you have to buy new cables, chargers and adapters.

The iPhone 5 has no headphone jack which means that you cannot easily plug it to speakers or car stereos for instance. Consider as well the financial investment you will make to obtain the new iPhone 5. If it puts you in the poor house, then better stick with your old phone, especially if you are currently facing more pressing investments like a new car or home. Always look for the best insurance quotes for your significant purchases.

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