Apple’s Latest Quarter Report

If you are interested in learning all about the latest quarterly Apple Report for 2011, you have come to the right place. You are about to find out just how well did Apple do last year and what do the figures say. Learn more about this matter by following the next lines of this article and make sure you read here all there is to know about Apple’s latest quarter report.

The main highlights you should know concerning this particular Apple report refer to the impressive sales records in terms of Mac and iPad items. Apple seemed to have recorded the highest revenue and also the highest earning ever for the September quarter, according to Cupertino. The final results referring to the fiscal year 2012 announced by the Apple company for the fourth quarter that ended September 24, 2011 speaks about no less than $28.27 billion and also about a huge net profit of $6.62 billion. This means that every diluted share was worth $7.05. The figures are significantly higher as compared to the one from the previous year that Apple has officially recorded. Looks like the guy at Apple won’t have to worry too much about having to hire some top notch debt settlement lawyers, as the company is doing more than fine.

If we were to strictly refer to the gross margin recorded by Apple, all top accounting schools
should teach us that the 40.3 percent gross margin obtained in 2011’ last quarter in comparison to the 36.9 gross margin percent obtained in the last quarter of 2010 should also count for something really important. If we are to refer to the international sales that were successfully accounted and rerecorded, we could say that these sales stand for 63 percent of the revenue of the quarter.

In other words, the people at Apple are doing an amazing job each passing years; there is no wonder they are doing so well, as all employees need to be remarkably skilled, trained and prepared to handle the workload and the detail- and customer-oriented tasks they need to constantly complete. They might not have gotten their criminal justice online degree and an Apple position, but they are rather trained to handle IT problems, software issues and development and customer relations types of jobs. They are also probably not into the possession of some Vet Tech degrees either, or they could have chosen a double specialization.

With more than 17.07 million iPhone sold in the same quarter, which stands for over 21 percent of the unit growth recorded over the previous quarter and 4.89 Mac computers sold during the same 2011 quarter, no metaphorical chin up bar seems to be necessary for these guys as their work and creativity are definitely being accurately rewarded throughout their sales.

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