Updates on PIPA and SOPA Laws

If you are looking for one site that can help you learn more about the PIPA/SOPA laws, you can either visit source information on official web portals or continue reading these next few lines for a deeper insight into this matter.

PIPA is short for the Protect UP Act, while SOPA is short for the Stop Online Piracy Act. Both of these bills have been introduced by the US Representative Lamar Smith in order to make it harder for non-US web sites to sell and offer pirated materials online. Counterfeit goods have also fallen under the same category of items that the two bills are trying to protect. Some of the basic lines of PIPA and SOPA refer to the banning of advertising networks and also payment venues so they can no longer cooperate with infringing sites. Also, search engines should no longer be allowed to link to web sites and ISPs should be blocked access to their websites. Unauthorized online streaming of copyrighted content such as online TV shows and movies or videos should be punished with a 5-year jail sentence. These are the main highlights and demands or provisions of the two important bills that have brought a great deal of attention upon them.

The focus is mainly on foreign websites and providers and the current flaws in the existing laws that would be corrected by the PIPA and SOPA acts altogether. However, there are large groups of opponents that have reunited their forces in creating the so-called Declaration of Internet Freedom. This is considered to be a freedom move meant to keep censorship away from the Internet, just like cheaper insurance quotes could keep more money inside one’s pocket.

The respective Declaration was a result of several other actions driven against the SOPA and PIPA bills that were officially shut down in January 2012, after the US Congress, Hollywood and the Internet public fight. But if getting a fast loan such as a pikavippi loan might be a walk in the park for the Finnish, the same cannot be said about those fighting against these two laws. A lot needs to be done to protect the Internet from censorship, and, at the same time, make sure no one’s copyrights are being compromised. The details of the two bills still need to go through some changes; given the fact that large organizations such as Mozilla or Amnesty International have already signed the Declaration of Internet Freedom, along with influential individuals like Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian or Ben Huh, chief executive at Cheezburger Inc., it is easy to see this is not going to be an easy battle for either of the sides.

Freedom of expression, access, openness, innovation and privacy are the main points that the Declaration is comprised of, and no jackleg drill actions should put the freedom of the Internet under threat.