What good would an iPhone be if it did not have all the apps that you use on a daily basis? Many people say that a phone is only as good as the apps that it supports. This is essential in the case of the iPhone/iPad. This post, therefore, is dedicated to all the iPad and iPhone users who want to know what they are missing out on if they don’t have these applications. These apps range from search engines that can help you find Dentists in Glasgow to a number of different health apps that can help you deal with your sciatica pain. Read on to make the most of this post!

Google Chrome:

Apple has equipped its devices with a very good browser; Safari. However, Google chrome is a browser that is a must have in this case. The iPhone/iPad is a device that further boosts the performance of this browser. It is therefore a personal recommendation to all users to download this app and make the most of it.


There was a time many literary enthusiasts kept a dictionary in their bags. However, there is no need for this anymore with this amazing application that will allow you to carry your dictionary everywhere without a hassle. This app will allow you to take benefit from it wherever you may need to use it for your full convenience!


This is perhaps the best note taking app that the iphone and the iphone. There are numerous users who want to keep a notepad with them at all tiems so that they can jot certain things down, keep track of their appointments and duties or just scribble when they are bored. Well, notability helps you carry your notepad without any additional burden. Just saw an automobile on the road that you will want to Google later? Just note it down with the help of this app and you will never forget anything!

Candy Crush Saga:

Okay so many people will think that I have lost my mind for making this app a must have app. However, listen to my justifications and you will know exactly what I mean. This is a highly addictive game that will never allow you to be bored again. Worried and stressed out because of your US Fast Cash loan? Well, its not like worrying will solve anything. Instead of thinking too much about your worries, why not play this interesting, mouth watering game instead?


Whatsapp obviously connects you to the rest of the world. You can share videos, pictures and messages for free if you have a good internet connection.


Make free calls to your loved ones anywhere in the world with this amazing app. All you need is a good internet connection and a reason to call!

The last two apps were kept brief because they are very well known apps. The purpose of this post, however, was to ensure that newer apps get the limelight that they deserve. Enjoy your device even more than you already do with these apps!

iOS6 is the new operating system due for release by Apple which is to work in conjunction with the new Apple iPhone 5. This system will be free to download for all iPhone users and comes with a range of superb new functions.

Apple has taken the next step with this operating system, offering users a choice of superior features from detailed maps to sharing photographs, streamlining email and offering emergency and disaster alerts.

Some of the other features you can expect to enjoy include Facebook integration and strict user permissions; one example of this fine system is you can protect your phone even if you lose it.

Maps Functionality

Enjoy detailed maps with turn by turn navigation and real time traffic updates. Some of the additional info will include crystal clear zoom features and the ability to view cities from various angles including a fly over angle looking down.


Siri is the app you cannot be without, iOS6 offers this app to find the best restaurants, and it will know the answers to all your questions and even post your Facebook and Twitter updates. All you do is go here and type in your status update, click send and enjoy the social media integration this offers.


You have always been able to email your photos direct from your Apple device, now you can share your photos quickly and easily. Select the photos you want to share, select share and then choose who you want to share the photos with. The bigger advantage is this does not count towards your iCloud allocation.


Normally if you have movie tickets, a boarding pass or loyalty cards you need to phone an 800 number or send a sms to get the information. Here you can keep all the information, scan using your iPhone or iPod touch and check flights, get into a movie or even redeem vouchers with ease. It will even inform you of your balances.


Make and receive Facetime calls over Wi-Fi or cellular network connections from anywhere in the world. See your friend’s faces when you are enjoying south africa travel and facetime them enabling them to see you sitting on a tropical beach, superb tool that lets you see the person you are talking too.


The mail system has been given a facelift of its own, streamlining the mail to make it easier to use and even enables you to set up VIP users. Ensure you never miss an important message, whether it’s from your boss or from your friend advising you that they have just visited taylor guitars.

Guided Access

Guided Access is one of the most advanced tools; it makes iOS6 easier for people with any learning, hearing or mobility difficulties. It is advanced and enables teachers and users to communicate easily.

Lost Phone

Everyone misplaces their phone at some time or another. There is nothing worse than being unable to find your phone, you can now lock your phone from anywhere and place a contact number and anyone finding the phone will only be able to see the phone number, phone you and help you get your precious phone back.

Find Friends

Share locations with friends and family and see where your friends are quickly so you can meet up. Perfect when you lose friends or need to know where your family member is when they are running late for dinner.